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Specify your automation dream !

Don't let your design teams improvise: specify your needs with the help of experts in this field!

This complicated period is conducive to reflection. Many companies are thinking of automating their production even more.

When acquiring new means of production, User Requirements Specification (URS) is very important in laying the groundwork for a healthy project.

Bepm Automation's experience in writing technical requirements enables it to support companies successfully in this particular process.

Whether for your URS, or for the response of your machine suppliers through their FS, DS or FDS, the added value of Bepm Automation is particularly appreciated.

In addition, expertise in "Machine Safety" and over 25 years of experience in the design of machine controls ensure quality and completeness to your specifications, whether for:

- User Requirements Specification (URS),
- Functional Specifications (FS), and
- Design Specifications (HDS, SDS).

Fear of the Covid-19? No worries, telework lends itself very well to this kind of activity!

Posté le: 19-05-2020