Whether it is to strengthen the team responsible for creating a new machine, or for customized robotic automation, Bepm Automation, with more than 25 years of experience in the field, offers tailor-made solutions for your needs.

Machinery safety

Building, moving, improving, or updating a machine requires to analyze the risks associated with its use to ensure sufficient safety. The manufacturer must build safe but effective machines and the user must have productive machines but ensure the safety of its employees at the workplace. Bepm Automation supports you, manufacturers and users, to build machines that meet productivity and safety needs.


Machine builder for pharma or medical domains ?

Regulated company lacking resources for the qualification of a computerized system ? ...

What Bepm Automation does

Bepm Automation provides services in the domain of the control systems (automation).

His goal is to support customers to build or integrate machines which are efficient and compliant with the standards in force, guided by a pragmatic and customer oriented approach.

Bepm Automation has a strong professional experience with more than 25 years spent in this captivating domain. The numerous projects provided the knowledge and the essential precision to realize various industrial projects.

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