Project management

On customer's request, Bepm Automation can manage projects in the industrial automation field.

This service is based on the experience as manager of development projects for machine control systems for series or prototypes machines, with internal or external project teams.

Specification writing

A good project relies on smart requirements. The time to invest on such activities is not always possible within companies but is required at the early stages to ensure a smooth running of the project. Bepm Automation can help you in the main specification activities :

Writing of User Requirement Specification (URS) together with company's departments to define smart requirements for your project in compliance with international standards in force and your internal policies.

Writing of Functional Specification (FS) based on the URS of your customer, together with the competences of your technical team in charge of the project, guided by the Good Automated Manufacturing Practices (GAMP®).


Planning and control of project tasks

Leading and reporting of project team meetings


Writing and reporting tasks are executable in French or English by Bepm Automation.

Communication is very important in a project. Talking to the customer in his mother language creates strong links and confidence between partners.

This is why Bepm Automation is proud to speak French, English, Italian and German with his project partners.