Machinery safety

You master machine building but not the compliance upgrade. You need to move a machine and upgrade it from the safety point of view ? You set up an organization for the safety of your machine but lack of resources for the daily work ?

No worries, Bepm Automation assists you in all stages of those of your projects to ensure the user safety !

Assumed risks and acceptable risks

Taking a risk of doing a parachute jump, riding a MTB or driving a car, is assumed most of us. But would you accept to take a risk while operating a machine at work ?

No, of course! The Directive has the dual aim of harmonising the health and safety requirements applicable to machinery on the basis of a high level of protection of health and safety, while ensuring the free circulation of machinery on the EU market.

This directive also applies in Switzerland through the Swiss order for the Machinery (Maschinenverordnung, MaschV / Ordonnance des Machines - Omach).

To ensure user safety and take the art of the technic into consideration, machine safety directives and standards becomes are increasingly demanding. Companies do not always have the capacity to correctly manage the regulatory requirements.

Bepm Automation is here to guide you in the safety regulation world !

Compliance upgrade

  • Designing a new machine,
  • moving a machine from one site to another,
  • bring a machine back to Europe or to Switzerland,
  • add new functionality to an existing machine,
  • improve machine performance,
  • or simply improve users safety.

All those activities require good knowledge of orders, directives and standards in force to reduce the risks related to the use of machines to an acceptable level.

Machine limits establishing, risk analysis, required and real performance level establishing, required safety means definition, validation of technical file, validation of applicable and applied essential health and safety requirements, writing of compliance certificate : Bepm Automation is your partner to guide you through the different steps of the compliance procedure for your machines.

Certified expert

In order to ensure sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge to answer in an appropriate way to directives, orders and standards requirements related to the machinery safety, Bepm Automation participates on a regular basis to safety training provided by experts, like NSBIV, SUVAPro, and TÜV NORD, "Notified bodies under Directive 2006/42/EC: Machinery, or by main safety devices manufacturers for the machine industry.

With the goal of formalizing the knowledge and practical experience, Charles Bonnet of Bepm Automation took the related training in order to get the title of Certified Machinery Safety Expert (CMSE) by the end of 2014.

Given the wide application field of the machinery safety, Bepm Automation calls on Notified Bodies when required, in order to ensure good quality services to his customers.