After more than 22 years in the machine control systems, Charles Bonnet founded Bepm Automation in January 2014.

His goal is to support customers to build or integrate machines which are efficient and compliant with the standards in force, guided by a pragmatic and customer objectives oriented approach.

Starting point

At the base of Bepm Automation, there are 3 findings:

Companies in the pharmaceutical and medical fields are at the forefront in their domain but often lack skills in the field of machine controls, where validation requires a lot of effort.

Machine builders are highly skilled and innovative in technical fields but may lack knowledgeand resources to carry out projects in the pharmaceutical and medical fields.

Machine safety guidelines and standards are becoming increasingly demanding. Companies, lacking the knowledge and / or resources, find themselves with delays and extra costs that could have been avoided by starting on a better foundation. Safety has a cost that can be greatly reduced by taking it into account at design.


The permanent quest of satisfied customers requires an unfailing engagement in searching for innovative and qualitative solutions, put in place with strictness and precision. Success comes thanks to partnerships with customers, based on an open and constructive communication.