The size of the projects entrusted to Bepm Automation varies from one to another. When necessary, Bepm Automation adapts its structure by working with partners specialized in the fields related to the project.

This optimizes costs and reduces risks for all parties involved.

Automation - Robotics

For more than 25 years in automation, and a few years in robotics, Bepm Automation brings its experience to its customers in these 2 fields.

For large projects requiring additional resources, complementary skills, or experience in specialized processes, Bepm Automation relies on a network of small regional companies active in automation and robotics.

Together, we carry out large-scale automation projects.

Do not hesitate to challenge us !

Machinery safety

Laws and standards related to the machinery safety evolve continuously, especially due to the technological innovation. They are also adapted to the machines suppliers and users expectations.

Thus, when necessary, Bepm Automation works with machinery safety experts to validate the solutions proposed to its clients.

Those specialists are notified bodies under Directive 2006/42/EC Machinery and suppliers of certified safety components.

Thank to this network, Bepm Automation is able to provide to its customers safe solutions which meet their expectations and the comply with the applicable laws.